Since we were able to get back to work on the 4th of July, we have been lucky enough to have had great support from our customers and, as such, the salon has been as busy as ever! Our team at The Salon Upstairs in Market Drayton have been so grateful to get back to making our customers look and feel their best and have been consistently implementing all the strategies outlined in our COVID-19 workplace health and safety strategy.


Those who haven’t managed to get themselves booked in for a salon visit yet are probably wondering what exactly a visit to a Good Salon Guide COVID-19 accreditation holder salon looks like. We are passionate about ensuring that our clients have a relaxing and enjoyable experience, and we understand that this can only be achieved if the salon is as safe and hygienic as we can possibly make it. With this in mind, we have implemented the necessary changes to our procedures, and a visit to our salon currently goes something like this:


  • When a client visits the salon for their pre-booked appointment, they ring the buzzer upon their arrival.


  • Once they have done this, a member of The Salon Upstairs team will go downstairs to check the client’s temperature.


  • Following the temperature check, our clients are asked to fill in a questionnaire that composes our COVID-19 screening test.


  • If all is well with these steps, our client comes upstairs to the main salon area.


  • In the main salon, clients are asked to fill in their contact details in a visitor book and sign their completed COVID-19 questionnaire.


  • Bags and coats must be placed into a box that is sanitised between every appointment.


  • At this point we ask clients to wash their hands, and then proceed to a seat with a disposable cover.


  • It is now safe to proceed with the hair service, and we hope this is the point where clients relax and enjoy themselves in the safe and capable hands of our stylists.


  • During the hair service, we provide single use hot and cold drinks that are sustainably sourced where possible. Options include Rombouts coffee, bottled Story drinks and bottled water.


We understand that there are many more steps than there used to be involved in getting your hair done now, but we have been hugely impressed by our clients’ cooperation in keeping The Salon Upstairs a COVID-19 free space that is safe for everyone to use. Comments from clients include “So professional, so clean and incredibly well organised, from temperature taken at the door to handwashing, you wearing visors with plastic covers on the seats, hand sanitisers and lots of other safeguards I’d never have thought of but oh so necessary”, “Loved coming today, still a lovely relaxing experience even with the current situation”, and “I don’t think I’ve ever been in a salon as clean, and I was totally at ease with all your precautions and approach to everything.”


We cannot thank our wonderful clients enough for taking the time to leave their thoughts on our COVID-19 health and safety procedures, and we are so glad that the appointments completed so far have left everyone feeling safe and relaxed. Our aim is for The Salon Upstairs to be a safe place to visit for everyone, and we want to put at ease those who may find resuming hair appointments anxiety-inducing. If you have been to the salon recently and enjoyed it, don’t forget to leave a review in the comments section of our website, and if you have any queries on our procedure that haven’t been answered in our “COVID-19 Health and Safety Strategy” section, don’t hesitate to contact us for clarification.