Meaning of Blue

Anyone who has been a long-time fan of The Salon Upstairs will remember our original brand of Colourful Consultant, wherein we focussed on the meaning behind and emotions conveyed by different colours. Though we’ve since moved with the times and rebranded, that doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten all the lessons we learnt in studying the psychology of colour, and in uncertain times such as now we are coming back to focus on colours that make us feel calm, in control, and confident.


Those of you that follow social media will have noticed the announcement of the Pantone Colour of the Year 2020 last December, which was a stunning hue known as Classic Blue. The colour blue comes from the cool end of the colour palette, which is generally associated with the seasons of winter and spring. As we emerge into spring now, pastel and duck egg blues will become visible all across designer’s collections and will quickly make their way to the high street, which in our opinion is just what we need at a time of collective anxiety and distrust.

blue nails

The colour blue in all its hues is a colour that conveys properties of calmness, trust, healing, faith, knowledge, along with many more. When distressing news is constantly flashing up in your notifications, perhaps take some time to seek out calming blues in your everyday life, such as going for a walk and taking a look at the sky or a nearby body of water. If you don’t have time to get out and about, consider incorporating blue into your everyday colour palette, whether that’s a charming pair of blue glass earrings or a pretty hairclip, or even a trip to The Salon Upstairs to refresh your hair with your chosen shade of blue.

blue hair

Anxiety and uncertainty can wreak havoc on your mental state, and by proxy your appearance. Think about all the times you’ve felt stressed, perhaps with work or home life, and you’ve found your skin becoming flaky, and your hair dull and thin. When taking care of yourself is the last thing on your mind, we would recommend that as the time to really invest in your own self-care. Allow the colour blue to remind you of your own strength and hope and restore some tranquillity and peace to your daily life.


We like to think of The Salon Upstairs as a haven in between the stresses of day-to-day life, and we use all our knowledge and understanding of colour significances to boost our ability to create a calm, tranquil space for your hair and beauty needs. On those days when you’re ‘feeling blue’, allow us to flip the script on your associations with that colour, and make the most out of the tranquil properties of blue in boosting your mood. Keep up the mood of the people you love by keeping in contact with them as best you can, by phone or video call if necessary, and know that The Salon Upstairs is always a magical escape from the stresses that get you down.