Though we’re firmly into the summer now, we can all agree that the past few months have drifted by in a haze of napping, watching the news, and waiting for the salons to open to get roots fixed up. It’s been much the same story for our team here at The Salon Upstairs, so we thought we’d take a little trip down memory lane and revisit an inspiring event we attended all the way back in February- feels like a lifetime ago now!


Our team never passes up an opportunity to learn new and innovative ways to bring our clients hair excellence, and the Pro Hair Live show in Manchester was just such an opportunity. The day was attended by our forward-thinking director Naomi, along with our stylist Emily, and both came away from the event full of ideas and techniques to bring the very best in hair styling to our salon in Market Drayton.


The Pro Hair Live show included a showcase of many different products and tools, and exhibitions of ways to use these items to create unique hair looks. Though this was interesting and beneficial, the focal point of the event that left our team members star struck was the opportunity to meet the hair industry royalty that is Chris Appleton. Boasting over a million Instagram followers, this stylist to the stars creates signature looks for celebrities including Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, Ariana Grande and Katy Perry. Our director and stylist were able to sit in the front row and watch him create three unique looks on models using Color Wow products. This experience allowed our team to take away new ideas for how to use the Color Wow products we use regularly in the salon, and therefore bring celebrity styling techniques to each and every one of our customers.


Providing training and learning opportunities for our younger team members is a particular passion for our director, and our stylist Emily thoroughly enjoyed being able to familiarise herself with new products and techniques to apply back in The Salon Upstairs. Emily was able to learn a novel way of applying the hairspray ‘Cult Favourite’, which involved spraying it close to the root and creating volume using a brush. The result of this process is voluminous, sleek updos that don’t collapse as soon as a client leaves the salon!


Furthermore, Emily learnt a different technique for using the Root Cover Up product. This involved using the product to add small strands of highlight to the hair in order to accentuate the pieces that frame the face. These two new techniques are only a small part of the knowledge that our team members acquired by attending this event, and we at The Salon Upstairs are constantly monitoring the latest trends and techniques in order to bring you the very best that the hair industry can offer.


The Pro Hair Live show was an exciting opportunity for both our stylist and director to witness product and technique showcases, as well as meet the very best the hair industry has to offer. We at The Salon Upstairs love that we can take techniques and products often reserved for big name celebrities and bring them to each and every one of our clients, and we never pass up an opportunity to learn and improve our service.


Though the show itself was an exciting day out, we believe that these experiences are vital in keeping our salon at the cutting edge of hair and beauty, and we are proud to be a business that never gets complacent. We move with the times and stay aware of the trends so that when our clients visit The Salon Upstairs, they receive true hair excellence.